A nobody´s case for Bitcoin.

Andrea Bianconi
4 min readJul 16, 2022


A nobody´s retreat in Bella Italia. The best way to concentrate on writing a Bitcoin book and making the case for Bitcoin

The first six months of 2022 have been rather challenging. If one had any hope that after the Covid-19 mass-hysteria there would be some return to normality one must be seriously delusional by now. I am not. I knew, more or less, what would come. Because I see what game is being played and who the players are.

Stock markets have plunged, the Yen and the Euro inflate like developing country’s currencies, inflation and commodities explode high and the spark for WWIII has been lit in Ukraine .

Then we have the suicidal western governments, basically sanctioning themselves while it is clear to anyone with a functioning brain that after 10 years of sanctions Russia is now totally decoupled and immune from western economical warfare.

And finally, bitcoin has died for the 459th time in his short 12 year history.

While all this happened I have been lucky to spend time isolated. I was immersed in the wonderful nature of the Gargano natural park in Italy’s Puglia, with two good dogs, many cats and my beloved Pinarello road race machine.

I had no WIFI, no TV and only one radio station which played great 70’s 80’s music all day long. Also the dogs seemed to enjoy it and no one missed the depressing news coming from the “civilized” mainstream media propaganda machine.

Sort of “isolated” I have been anyway for a while since LinkedIn cancelled abruptly and without notice, nor justification, my professional profile. With a click, the censors of the globalist Ministry of Truth took away thousands of professional contacts accumulated in a quarter of a century and made me “a nobody”. Not that I care much anyway. I knew it would happen sooner or later. I also decided to stay away from any other centralized platform until a truly decentralized social platform running on the Bitcoin protocol will appear. So I am feeling like I am back in the 90’s.

I am happy being a nobody, with just an email and a website.

LinkedIn censorship

Like many others of the new “generation deplatformed”, I was guilty of a very common crime these days: not conforming to the mass thinking sanctioned by the globalist regime enforced by the tech oligarchs who are in bed with Davos, with the corrupted bureaucrats and with the politicians who serve them rather than the people who mistakenly elected them. In short, the whole insane globalist crowd. Enjoying my newly found and healthy “nobodyness” — sitting with my laptop in the shade of a large fig tree, contemplating the sea and the undulating green mantle of olive trees, oranges and lemons and accompanied by the incessant sound of cicadas and the sea breeze — I gave all of them mentally the middle finger and kept working on my Bitcoin book. It was an excellent time to reflect on the many events which have happened in the last 3 years and which finally gave the Davos vandals the much sought after opportunity to foster their destructive agenda on to us to “build the world back better” for them and render us poorer and unhappy.

It was also possibly the best place to look — with detachment and a sort of unconcerned indifference — at this latest, large bitcoin drawdown.

While completely isolated from the mainstream media rubbish and noise, I could better focus on the true causes of this pullback and keep a rational and clear mind to make an objective case for Bitcoin at this juncture.

So I put down my thoughts into this article “Bitcoin is down but its case has never been more compelling” which has been published in exclusive by Bitcoinmagazine . In it I look at Bitcoin´s fundamentals and at the most recent geopolitical and macroeconomic events and how they might impact on Bitcoin’s future. I also assess the true causes of Bitcoin´s recent pullback and the role that the Davos globalist agenda plays. Working on my book also helped me putting together different pieces of a puzzle made of complex geopolitical and macroeconomic pieces which paint a larger and more comprehensive picture to help Bitcoiners understand the most recent events.

What is going on does not happen by chance. Nor it is simply the result of the politicians’ incompetence. My belief is that it is a deliberate policy choice, and the agenda includes some pretty bad stuff waiting to happen…

But for Bitcoin my expectations remain very bullish: the case for Bitcoin has never been more compelling. I invite you to read my article on Bitcoinmagazine to understand all the background and why one should be ever more bullish on Bitcoin at this juncture.

It is a fairly long article, but it was necessary to deal with the complexities of some topics. I am sure you will find some food for thought in it. Let me know what you think of “a nobody´s” case for Bitcoin.

While reading my Bitcoinmagazine article read also the latest account of the Terra /LUNA collapse written by Ross Stevens, Nic Carter, and Allen Farrington “On Impossible Things Before Breakfast” — A post-mortem on Terra, a pre-mortem on DeFi, and a glimpse of the madness to come.

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