Fight wealth inequality with blockchain and tokenization

courtesy of Greg Perry
The top 1 percent in the United States holds 42.5 percent of all national wealth, a far greater share than in other OECD countries. In no other industrial nation does the richest 1 percent own more than 28 percent of their country’s wealth.
And 45% of Americans have no savings at all.

The middle class problem

A 3,2 million collier for a dog is just another sign of peak decadence reached by western societies. The same 3,2 million spread across 1000 families would allow each family to spend additional 3.200 in the real economy for basic purchases such as food, clothing, medical services, travel, entertainment, etc. Distributed wealth is what grows the economy not peak concentration of wealth.

The Structure, the Incentives and the Disincentives

The Blockchain and the Tokenization


French revolution and heads rolling



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