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  • Andrés Rashti

    Andrés Rashti

    International economics, sustainability, energy, descentralization, demographics and languages from a historical, current and future perspective. Human culture.

  • Nic Carter

    Nic Carter

    Partner, Castle Island Ventures. Cofounder, Coinmetrics.io

  • Robert Breedlove

    Robert Breedlove

    Freedom Maximalist. Bitcoin is Honest Money — stack sats here: http://bit.ly/2THg4Jg Links To All My Work: http://bit.ly/3fG91KV YouTube: http://bit.ly/321Lzm0

  • Giacomo Zucco

    Giacomo Zucco

  • Jeff Booth

    Jeff Booth

    Entrepreneur, Technology Leader, Author of The Price of Tomorrow — Why Deflation Is the Key to an Abundant Future (http://thepriceoftomorrow.com)

  • Vijay Boyapati

    Vijay Boyapati

    Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito

  • Knut Svanholm

    Knut Svanholm

    Author of Bitcoin: Sovereignty through mathematics https://www.amazon.com/dp/1090109911 https://tippin.me/@knutsvanholm

  • Shinobi [SHI256]

    Shinobi [SHI256]

  • Nik Bhatia

    Nik Bhatia

    bitcoin-native financial theory, adjunct professor of finance and business economics @USCMarshall

  • International Token Standardization Association

    International Token Standardization Association

    The International Token Standardization Association (ITSA) is a not for profit organization working on holistic market standards for the global token economy.

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