Inheritance and bitcoins: a complex undertaking.

Bitcoin inheritance
  • you will disclose your bitcoin holdings to a company which is not bound to you by any confidential duty, nor it will be capable, if needs be, to legally resist a writ issued by a government authority or by a judiciary court regarding your cryptoassets.
  • such companies are based in the USA and they will be subjected to any restrictive regulations which may be enacted in the future by the US Government. There are currently a lot of regulatory uncertainties both in the US and in the EU and I would consider, for the sake of safety, both regions as “risky” for crypto holders. Such regulations can strongly impact the “privacy” of the crypto holder via mandatory KYC or mandatory reporting for tax purposes. Any such company could also be subjected to a subpoena issued on behalf of a third party acting in a judicial case against the crypto holder.
  • by interacting with such a company the crypto holder needlessly exposes himself to a third party weakness. If dealing with such companies cannot be avoided, then it can be done by interposing additional layers of protection such as a trust, a fiduciary corporate vehicle or a lawyer. An attorney will be acting under a professional mandate and he/she will be bound by legally enforceable attorney-client privilege.
After the Great Reset “own nothing (be a slave) and be happy” the last creation of the “Illuminati” globalist crowd to implement THEIR version of YOUR future well being is called Agenda 2030

a lawyer , consultant , writer - SUPPORT MY FREE & INDEPENDENT WORK BY DONATING AT;

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Andrea Bianconi

Andrea Bianconi

a lawyer , consultant , writer - SUPPORT MY FREE & INDEPENDENT WORK BY DONATING AT;

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