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Weekly news collection of April, 17, 2020


  • The Covid-19 vaccine debate shows how Bill Gates has a new problem: how to continue to deploy large amounts of money into critical sectors — in a tangled web of economical and political interests at play — while remaining credible as a philanthropist and avoid being fingered as yet another George Soros? If Bill Gates wants to be credible as a philanthropist he has to take some bold steps to ensure that his image and the perception that people have of himself are as true as possible to this role. This means that the activities of his foundation must be open, transparent, accountable and beyond doubt. The Gates Foundation should adopt the blockchain as a trusted and transparent infrastructure/protocol in its dealings with its grantees. So now there´s no excuses, the instruments are available to show that philanthropists are true to their words. Blockchain/DLTs shall become the default technical solution for any charitable or philanthropist organization which wants to be responsible, accountable, credible and trustworthy.

Crypto and Money

More background info on the story below:

  • This idea has been already discussed and Andreas Antonopoulos was one of the first to mention it. It is about the enormous existing synergies between renewable energy production and crypto mining. The concept is simple, it makes very much sense and it will make crypto mining sustainable and energy neutral: renewable energy produced cannot be stored and must be used in the grid immediately. When this is not possible, rather than wasting the excess energy, this can be used to mine crypto on site for additional revenues. Now this has been achieved also by a traditional oil company which converts an otherwise wasted gas by-product of oil extraction into energy for crypto mining on site. Excellent job


As I have described in the article below this is what will force the hand of governments into reopening the global economies ASAP. Otherwise a depression will cause certainly more harm than the virus. By the way Germany is already on the go, with infections seemingly under control…

  • The FED is monetizing US debt at levels not seen before in history. At the peak of QE it bought US$ 120 billion per month, today it is 70 billion PER DAY!!


Just consider that — according to Investopedia — “advertising contributed 90% of Google’s total revenue, 79% of Yahoo’s total revenue and 99% of Baidu’s total revenue, and digital advertising accounted for 92% and 90% of Facebook’s and Twitter’s total revenues, respectively” those stocks should be down a lot more than they are. So is there potential for shorting? Prudence is necessary. Fundamentals do not mean much when the FED throws trillions at the market to support asset prices. So much that Blackrock said that “Investing is dead. We will follow the Fed and other DM central banks by purchasing what they’re purchasing, and assets that rhyme with those”

So it´s easy, just follow the crowd.

Covid induced Fanta-Geopolitics?


  • Keep monitoring: You would think that a decentralized covid-tracking app would be the best option because no one can abuse it, including governments and would therefore be happily adopted by everyone. Nope. Certainly not by governments… The pan-european consortium in charge of developing the covid tracking apps seems to have rejected — without explanation — a decentralized app which was studied to fulfil both the need of tracking the virus for health purposes and the need to preserve privacy. It looks like the EU wants a centralized app which “cannot be externally reviewed and could open the gates of privacy hell and become the wet dream of security services

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