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Weekly news collection of April, 10, 2020

  • Helicopter money is coming for hundreds of millions of people around the world, but there´s one problem though. There´s simply not enough “helicopters”. How do you practically distribute money to the people? Crypto is the only solution…Even if the article below does not address the issue, I believe this is one more reason that will push governments faster into adopting CBDCs.
  • Fintech will clearly benefit wildly from that and its adoption increased by over 70% in the meantime.
  • The US adds another 6,6 million jobless claims this week bringing the total in just 3 weeks to almost 18 million.

  • Will Russia´s President Putin play a key role in brokering a “deal” between China and the US in this new “cold-war”? You bet he will…
  • The covid related economical crisis is adding fuel to the oil price war between Russia and Saudi. But this is only the facade. The complexities of the energy market and how this affects geopolitics are huge. What to expect from the energy markets in the medium to long term after the crisis settles?
  • A good analysis of the various impacts that the Coronavirus crisis will have on Geopolitics
  • The era of peak globalization is over. What will come afterwards is the question.
  • After days of negotiations the Eurogroup has agreed basically ….nothing. The Eurogroup, which does not even exist as a statutory organism of the EU — it is just an informal gathering - will put its “informal decisions” to the EU Council which will have to subscribe to it when it is scheduled to covene on the 23rd of April. This is what the Eurogroup proposes so far (see yourself the document released here):

n. 14) Emergency grants for €2,7billion

n. 15) The EIB will create a €25billion guarantee fund which can be leveraged by banks to lend up to €200million to SMEs

n. 16) An ESM credit line up to 2% of the member´s GDP (without conditionality) to be used only for emergency health care related investments (not for the economy!!!!)

n. 17) SURE up to €100 billion of loans (on favourable terms!!!) to support labour markets

All the rest is just bla-bla-bla. It remains to be seen in 13 days, whether the Italian PM Conte will stick to his words and refuse to sign the agreement which starts the operation of the ESM and therefore discredit its own Minister of Finance — the Soros Foundation member Gualtieri — who has signed the Eurogroup document in starking contrast with Conte´s words. For the Italians that might just be the last of the betrayals by the duo Conte-Gualtieri. Both might well be candidates for a treason indictment. Let´s wait and see…

Here more on the topic:

  • Italy is the first EU member state to effectively create George Orwell´s dystopian Ministry of Truth.

Facebook has offered to implement a fact-checking service on Whatsapp posts concerning Covid-19 topics. The “generous offer” was clearly happily accepted by the National Agency for Communications. Currently the service is on a voluntary basis, meaning that users can ask Facebook (i.e Facebook´s chosen business partner which tells everyone what the “truth” really is) if indeed the post is true or not. But I am sure you get exactly where we are going to end with that. Just an example? Facebook business partners — such as the Pharma industry — can pressure to have news relating to certain drugs to be classified as fake news rather than others in order to steer mass consensus towards mass adoption of the drugs/vaccines more profitable to them. You can see that already happening for instance with hydroxychloroquine/cloroquine and Avigan being segregated on the sidelines despite there is scientific ground for their use. But of course this is not approved by the Ministry of Truth…

  • Coronabonds have been definetly put aside this week. Germany and its northern group of allies have prevailed, as always. But the following articles sum up the contrasting views on that topic.

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