Stadium financing and the Tokenization

and how the tokenization creates countless innovative opportunities for professional sport teams, leagues and athletes to interact with their Fandom

“Audere est facere” is the latin motto of the Tottenham Hotspur
Super Bowl super-show
Atlanta Falcons new Mercedes-Benz Stadium
Los Angeles Rams´ home — The world´s top financial performer with US$ 420 million operating profits per year
Source: Liquiditeam

The term “tokenization” indicates the “creation of a crypto-token which is a digital representation of an asset, right, claim, data or monetary value which is stored and transferred using public-key cryptographic encryption on a DLT/blockchain infrastructure. This is done by deploying so called “smart contracts”, which consist in transposing the terms and conditions of the underlying agreement for such rights and assets into lines of computer code which will be automatically executed by the software upon certain pre-programmed conditions. The key here is automated trustless execution”.

Source: Statista
Source: Deloitte

But tokenization can bring much more to this complex ecosystem than solely tokenised PSLs. Tokenization enables countless new opportunities for the franchises to interact and engage with investors, fans, sponsors and the media. This applies to both the whole sport ecosystem and generally, the entertainment business. More likely the stakeholder´s creativity will be the real limit:

Socios´ Football Clubs



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