What if … Bitcoin is not a bubble?

what if bitcoin is not a bubble?
47 years of Monetary (hyper) inflation at work: how many US$ you would need to buy one ounce of Gold since 1970. The dramatic loss of purchasing power starts clearly when the US started its massive debasement/credit expansion in the ´70s to finance its wars. The US$ is called “Money”, fact is it is a credit note, a debt instrument of the shortest duration which carries no interest and from the graph certainly not a “store of value”.
Now it depends from which angle one looks at this chart (i.e which is the “Numeraire”, the US$ or Bitcoin?). Is this then the Bitcoin bubble or monetary hyperinflation at work: how many US$ you need to buy 1 BTC. Sure, different time frames from Gold above, but the parabolic price increase and the loss of purchasing power of the US$ credit note looks alike.

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